2 Tier Food Steamers

Are you searching for a 2 tier food steamer? This page has a list of 2 tier food steamers that are made of stainless steel, plastic, silicone and bamboo. Their sizes may vary from small to large. Steamer capacity depends on tier diameter, height and cooking purposes. Most 2 tier food steamers are suitable for small, medium and large families, due to removable dividers and baskets. We reviewed 2 tier food steamer models and created a list of the best 2 tier food steamers.

                     2 Tier Food Steamers

Euro Cuisine FS2500 Electric Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Euro Cuisine FS2500 Electric 2 tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Euro Cuisine FS2500 electric stainless steel food steamer has 2 removable tiers for steaming small and large quantities of food. Euro Cuisine electric stainless steel food steamer construction Euro Cuisine electric food steamer is made of stainless steel except for the base that does not come in contact with the water or food. Stainless steel surface doesn’t react with food. The base has a control panel with LCD display with 90 minute timer and delay feature that allows you to … Read Review

Viking 8 quart Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with Strainer & Steamer

Viking 8 quart Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with Strainer Steamer featured image

Viking 8 quart, 18/8 stainless steel pasta pot with strainer & steamer basket has durable riveted handles & 3 ply magnetic base. It works on induction, ceramic, gas & electric cooktops. Viking 8 quart pasta pot construction Viking pasta pot is made of high grade 18/8 stainless steel with aluminum core in its base for even heating. The base has external 18/0 magnetic stainless steel layer for induction compatibility. It contains 18% of chromium content and 0 % of nickel content. Chromium … Read Review

Tupperware 2 Tier Microwave Plastic Smart Steamer Green

Tupperware 2 tier microwave plastic steamer featured image

Tupperware 2 tier stack-able microwave smart steamer is made of plastic to steam small & large quantities of vegetables and meats. It’s available in purple color. Tupperware 2 tier microwave steamer features 2 tier food steamer. Handy for preparing small and large quantities of food. Steamer set includes: 1 3/4 qt water tray, steaming plate, perforated steaming bowl, cover and recipe booklet. Stack-able and handy for travel. Dishwasher safe. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tupperware microwave steamer review Steaming bowl can be used as … Read Review

Mastrad Silicone Plastic Microwave Large Multi-Steamer, Green

Mastrad silicone plastic microwave large multi-steamer featured image

Mastrad multi-steamer, green is made of silicone and plastic. It’s designed to steam a variety of foods in microwave. There are black and red colors available. Mastrad silicone microwave, large multi-steamer consists of 4 parts: strainer, lid, bowl and plate. Lid and strainer are made of silicone. Bowl and divider plate are made of hard, translucent plastic. They are easy to clean. Mastrad silicone plastic microwave large multi-steamer features Made of silicone and translucent plastic. 42 Oz capacity. Measures 8.5″ X … Read Review

BELLA 13872 2 Tier Food Steamer, Black

BELLA black 13872 food steamer feature image

BELLA black 13872 food steamer is 2 tier plastic steamer & egg cooker. BELLA black 13872 2 tier food steamer features. 2 tier plastic construction. Removable tier for steaming small quantities. Each tier holds and cooks 8 eggs. Total 16 eggs. 7L capacity. Water level window with minimum and maximum lines. External inlet allows to add water without removing tiers and interrupting steaming process. With auto shutoff if water level gets too low. Comes with 5 cup cooked rice capacity bowl. Printed graphics … Read Review

Joyce Chen 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer Review

Joyce Chen 2 tier 10-inch bamboo steamer set feature image

Joyce Chen 10-inch bamboo steamer consists of 2 woven bamboo tiers and a domed lid. It steams fish, shrimp, vegetables, chicken breast and fruits. Joyce Chen 10-inch bamboo steamer features. 2 tier woven bamboo construction. Steams vegetables, chicken breast and fish. Includes 2 stackable baskets with domed lid. Requires a wok or a pot. Measures 10 inches in diameter Hand washing is required.  Joyce Chen 10″ bamboo steamer review. Bamboo steamer needs care before use and after due to it’s natural wood composition. … Read Review

BPA FREE Aroma 5-Quart 2 Tier Food Steamer

 Aroma 5-quart 2 tier food steamer is electric BPA FREE plastic food steamer with stainless steel base and handy features. It prepares 3-4 servings. BPA FREE Aroma 5-quart 2 tier food steamer features. Maximum 60 minutes cooking time is enough to steam meats, seafood and hard vegetables. When steaming cycle is completed it shuts of automatically. Steaming starts immediately. 2 tiers with total 5 quart capacity. BPA FREE plastic construction with stainless steel base. Removable divider for steaming larger products. Printed steaming time … Read Review

Black & Decker HS2776 Double-Decker Flavor-Scenter Steamer Deluxe Food Steamer

Black & Decker HS2776 double-decker flavor-scenter deluxe food steamer feature image

Black & Decker HS2776 electronic double-decker flavor-scenter steamer deluxe steamer is electric 2 tier food steamer. It has plastic construction with large 7 quart capacity. Black & Decker HS2776 double-decker flavor deluxe steamer features Electronic with 75-minute timer with signal bell. Auto shut-off for safety. Built-in flavor-scenter screen spices up fish, chicken, and vegetables. 2 tiers, each tier 3.5 quart capacity, total 7 quart capacity. Comes with 7 cup capacity rice bowl. Measures 9 by 9 by 15 inches. 1-year limited … Read Review

Black & Decker HS1050 Food Steamer Flavor Scenter Screen

Black & Decker HS1050 food steamer with flavor scenter screen is multi purpose 2 tier 7 qt electric plastic steamer. The screen is built in to spice up veggies, rice and meats. Black & Decker HS1050 food steamer with flavor scenter screen features Plastic construction. Prepares various types of food: poultry, fish, rice, eggs, oatmeal, small and large vegetables. Steams 5 cups of rice in rice bowl which comes with the steamer. 7 quart total capacity. 2 tiers with 4-quart and 3-quart capacity each. Each … Read Review

Oster 2 Tier Electric Food Steamer

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-quart food steamer feature image

Oster electric food steamer is made of plastic and consists of 2 removable tiers with 60 minute timer and auto shut off. It steams vegetables, seafood and meats. Oster food steamer features Steams fish, vegetables, poultry. 2 collapsible tiers for easy storage. 5-quart capacity. Automatic 60-minute timer. Auto shut-off. Power indicator light. Plastic parts are dishwasher-safe except for the base. 400 Watts. Oster food steamer review Oster steamer is an affordable and easy to use food steamer. With its 2 removable tiers you can … Read Review

Oster 5711 Mechanical Electric Food Steamer

Oster 5711 mechanical food steamer feature image

Oster 5711 6 quart mechanical food steamer is a multi purpose 2 tier electric plastic steamer with 75 minute timer & auto shut off. It steams rice, vegetables, meats, eggs, seafood, burgers and more. Oster 5711 mechanical food steamer features Steaming starts immediately. Steams a variety of foods. 2 removable tiers. 6.1 quart capacity. 75 minute timer. Auto shut-off for safety. Large upper tier is 3-4/5-quart capacity. Small bottom tier is 2-3/10-quart capacity. External inlet to add water without interruption. Comes with … Read Review

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer

Oster 5712 electronic 2-tier 6.1-quart food steamer feature

Oster 5712  6-qt food steamer is a multi purpose 2-tier electric plastic steamer with 12 hrs delay start & 95 minute timer. It cooks rice, eggs, vegetables, meats, burgers and cheese snacks. Oster 5712 food steamer features 2 tier food steamer with 6.1 quart capacity. Steams different types of food. Steaming starts immediately. 12 hours delay start time. LCD display. 95 minute timer. See through water reservoir. An exterior water inlet at the base allows you to add water. Plastic steamer baskets … Read Review

Norpro KRONA 8 Quart Stainless Steel Multi Pasta Pot Cooker Steamer

Norpro KRONA 8 quart stainless steel steamer stock pot set

Norpro KRONA stainless steel 8 quart pasta pot steamer is a multi purpose cooker with 3 ply encapsulated base and a vented glass lid. Norpro KRONA 8 quart multi pasta pot steamer features Stock pot capacity 8 quarts/7.6 liters. Set includes: heavy duty stainless steel 8 qt stock pot, pasta insert, steamer basket and a vented tempered glass lid. 3-ply thick encapsulated base provides even heat distribution. Large handles for easy lifting. Dishwasher safe. Norpro KRONA 8 quart pasta pot and steamer construction Norpro pasta … Read Review

Norpro Deluxe 3-Piece 10 inch Bamboo Steamer Set

Norpro deluxe 3 piece bamboo steamer set

Norpro Deluxe 3-piece 10 inch bamboo steamer set is a 2 tier food steamer that requires additional pot or wok. The wok top diameter has to be at least 1 inch or 2 inches wider, so steamer can fit inside to create complete seal. How to use Norpro deluxe 3-piece 10 inch bamboo steamer set. Soak the bamboo steamer in cold water for a few hours before use. The wok is the best cooking equipment to use with bamboo steamer. Due to it’s … Read Review

Hamilton Beach Digital 2 Tier Food Steamer 37537

Hamilton Beach digital steamer

Hamilton Beach digital 2 tier food steamer is a multi purpose plastic steam cooker with a lot of great features. It steams corn, eggs, rice, vegetables, meats, seafood and more. Hamilton Beach digital 2 tier food steamer 37537 features. 2 tiers and removable divider allow you to steam large products. Printed graphics on the base with recommended cooking time. Delay start time. Maximum 60 minutes cooking timer. The countdown timer window. On/Off. Water level window with minimum and maximum lines. The steamer consists of the base, 2 … Read Review

T-fal Balanced Living 2-Tier Food Steamer Electric Compact 4-Quart

t-fal food steamer

T-fal 2-tier electric food steamer small balanced living compact 4-quart vc133851 has digital controls with 60-minute timer which is very easy to program and use. Steamer is dishwasher safe except for the base. This steamer is suitable for small family as it has 4-quart capacity. Each tier of 2 quarts. T-fal balanced living 2 tier food steamer digital controls & timer. Steamer has digital controls which are very easy to use and 60-minute timer with detailed instruction and images for cooking various … Read Review

These 2 tier food steamers steam a variety of vegetables and meats perfectly for singles or the whole family. Electric and microwave 2 tier food steamers are suitable for travel.