Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen is an American brand which manufactures kitchen utensils and appliances. It was founded by Joyce Chen who originally immigrated to United States with her family from China. She introduced Americans to Northern Chinese delicious dishes by opening and operating Chinese restaurants and publishing her own recipe book. Restaurants and book had a great success. In early 1970 her new line with Chinese kitchen utensils was available for sale.
Joyce Chen bamboo food steamers and parchment liners are the most popular products out of all their utensils and appliances. Below is the list with the best Joyce Chen Bamboo steamers and parchment liners.

Best Joyce Chen Bamboo Food Steamers

Joyce Chen 2 tier 10-inch bamboo steamer set feature image

Joyce Chen 10-inch bamboo steamer consists of 2 woven bamboo tiers and a domed lid. It steams fish, shrimp, vegetables, chicken breast and fruits. Joyce Chen 10-inch bamboo steamer features. 2 tier woven bamboo construction. Steams vegetables, chicken breast and fish. Includes … Read Review