Best Microwave Food Steamers

Steaming in the microwave is another way to steam foods. Microwave steamers are inexpensive and available in grocery stores and online.

Microwave food steamer types

There are a few different materials used to manufacture microwave safe food steamers. The most popular materials are plastic and silicone. Plastic steamers are hard and easy to transfer, but silicone steamers are flexible and require careful handling to prevent water spills and steam burns.

Polycarbonate microwave food steamers are not very popular, but ceramic ones are. Microwave safe ceramic is often used for manufacturing bottom bowls or inserts. Lids are often made of silicone. Steamed food can be served directly from the ceramic bowl.

Microwave food steamer sizes

Like all other types of steamers, microwave steamers can steam rice, vegetables or fish. For steaming all foods at once for a large family go for 2 tier or even 3 tier steamers. For a small family, a 1 tier microwave steamer would be the right size. There are also large 1 tier microwave steamers available, so don’t forget to check capacity. We created a list of best microwave food steamers.

   Best microwave food steamers

Tupperware 2 Tier Microwave Plastic Smart Steamer Green

Tupperware 2 tier microwave plastic steamer featured image

Tupperware 2 tier stack-able microwave smart steamer is made of plastic to steam small & large quantities of vegetables and meats. It’s available in purple color. Tupperware 2 tier microwave steamer features 2 tier food steamer. Handy for preparing small and large quantities of food. Steamer set includes: 1 3/4 qt water tray, steaming plate, perforated steaming bowl, cover and recipe booklet. Stack-able and handy for travel. Dishwasher safe. Limited Lifetime Warranty. … Read Review

Lekue Deep Microwave X-Large Silicone Steam Case Steamer

Lekue Ogya microwave deep silicone pot featured image

Lekue Ogya microwave, X-large steamer pot is a silicone deep steam case designed to steam-cook pasta, rice, vegetables, soup, stew and whole chicken. It gets soft during heating. Small handles on the sides of the pot allow you to remove the pot safely. Lekue microwave silicone steam case prepares 1-2 servings. It’s lightweight and handy. It can be used at home, work or in a hotel room. Lekue microwave silicone steam case features Made of silicone. … Read Review

Lekue Microwave Steamer-Silicone Steam Case

Lekue silicone microwave and oven steamer

Lekue steamer/steam case is made of silicone to steam 1-2 servings of food in the microwave or oven. It steams veggies, chicken, fish, shrimp in minutes. There are green and clear steamers available. Lekue microwave steamer-steam case features Made of silicone. Steams 1-2 servings in minutes. Microwave, oven and freezer safe. Food is cooked at the perfect temperature (between 200F and 212F) Comes with Lekue cookbook “From the Kitchen to the Table in 10 Minutes” … Read Review

Mastrad Silicone Plastic Microwave Large Multi-Steamer, Green

Mastrad silicone plastic microwave large multi-steamer featured image

Mastrad multi-steamer, green is made of silicone and plastic. It’s designed to steam a variety of foods in microwave. There are black and red colors available. Mastrad silicone microwave, large multi-steamer consists of 4 parts: strainer, lid, bowl and plate. Lid and strainer are made of silicone. Bowl and divider plate are made of hard, translucent plastic. They are easy to clean. Mastrad silicone plastic microwave large multi-steamer features Made of … Read Review

Mastrad Silicone Microwave Personal 20-Ounce Oval Steamer, Black

Mastrad personal 20 oz silicone microwave steamer featured image

Mastrad personal 20 Oz oval steamer, black is made of silicone to reheat or steam a variety of foods in microwave or oven. The Mastrad silicone steamer has an oval shape. It’s suitable for steaming long fish fillets and asparagus. You don’t have to cut them to fit them in the steamer. Silicone steamer construction gets flimsy while heating.  Easy-to-grasp handles allow you to remove the steamer from oven or microwave safely. … Read Review

Marna White Piggy Microwave Silicone Steamer Cover Lid 8.5″

Marna white Piggy microwave silicone steamer cover lid 8.5″ is designed to use with any pot, plate or bowl to cook foods in microwave or on the stove. It releases pressure through the holes in the nose and keeps steam and moisture inside. There are smaller and bigger sizes available. Marna Piggy microwave steamer lid cover prevents food splattering all over the microwave. With Marna Piggy steamer 8.5″ lid you can … Read Review

Marna White Piggy Silicone Steamer Lid Cover 6.9″ for Microwave

Marna white Piggy silicone steamer cover 6.9 inch featured image

Marna white Piggy silicone steamer 6.9″ is not a full steamer. It’s just a cute microwave silicone lid cover for a pot, plate, bowl or other dish with the same diameter. Lid has holes in the piggy nose that release pressure, but keep all moisture inside. There are different sizes available. Marna white Piggy microwave silicone steamer 6.9″ features Steamer lid cover is 6.9 ” in diameter. Made of silicone. (BPA FREE) … Read Review

Sistema BPA FREE Microwave 11 cups Rice Steamer Multicooker

Sistema rice microwave steamer is a BPA FREE multi cooker. It prepares 11 cups of rice. It also cooks quinoa, polenta, couscous and so much more. Sistema rice microwave steamer features Multi purpose cooker. Prepares 11 cups of rice. 2.6 L, 88 Oz, 11 cups capacity. Measurements: Length is  8.5 “, Width is 7.7 “, Height is 6.3”. BPA FREE. Comes with a spoon, pressure chamber tray and manual with recipes. Dishwasher safe … Read Review

Sistema Large Microwave BPA FREE Steamer

BPA FREE Sistema microwave steamer featured image

Sistema large microwave steamer is a BPA FREE polypropylene steamer. It cooks a variety of vegetables and rice. There are small, medium, large and x-large sizes available. Sistema microwave steamer features Made from BPA-free Polypropylene. Steams a variety of vegetables. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). Microwave safe with vent open. Freezer safe. Made in New Zealand. Measurements and capacity 109 Oz / 3.2 L. Capacity Steamer length is 9.4 inches. … Read Review

Prepworks from Progressive Microwave 12-Cup Rice Pasta Cooker

Prepworks from Progressive microwave rice pasta cooker featured image

Prepworks from Progressive microwave 12-cup rice pasta cooker is a 17 piece BPA FREE plastic set. It includes pasta strainer, steaming insert, pasta measurer, measuring cups, spoons, rice paddle, lid and instruction manual. Prepworks from Progressive microwave rice pasta cooker features 12 cups capacity. According to manufacturers website the microwave 17 piece cooker set is BPA FREE. Locking lid. Steams a variety of small, medium and large vegetables. Dishwasher safe (top rack). Model number: GMRC-500. Check … Read Review

Prepworks from Progressive BPA FREE Microwavable Steamer

Prepworks from Progressive 1 quart microwave steamer is BPA FREE green plastic fish and vegetable steamer with clear lid. Progressive microwave steamer features According to the official manufacturer website, it’s BPA FREE. Steams vegetables, fruits and fish. 1 quart capacity. Steamer prepares 1-2 servings. Adjustable steam vent control. Measurements 11″ x 9.5″. Dishwasher safe (top rack). Model number: GMMC-450. Progressive BPA FREE microwave steamer review Microwave steamer includes green water tray, green perforated steamer insert … Read Review

Whirlpool 8205262RB Plastic Universal Microwave Steamer

Whirlpool 8205262RB plastic universal microwave steamer feature

Whirlpool 8205262RB universal microwave steamer is made of plastic and fits all brands of microwaves with an oven capacity. Whirlpool universal microwave steamer steams chicken, vegetables, rice, fish and other seafood products. It steams products to perfection and doesn’t dry them out. Whirlpool plastic universal microwave steamer features Steams fish, poultry, vegetables and rice. Made of durable plastic. Steamer measurements: 13.75″ by 8.50″ by 5.25″. Comes with instruction booklet. Dishwasher safe. Check price … Read Review

Norpro Microwave Silicone Vegetable Steamer with Insert, Green

Norpro Microwave oven Silicone Vegetable Steamer Insert Green

Norpro microwave silicone vegetable steamer with insert, green is made of flexible, non toxic and non stick silicone for small family of 1 or 2 person and great for steaming 1 or 2 servings of vegetables, meats and fish. Norpro microwave silicone vegetable steamer with insert. The Norpro steamer has an oval shape. Lid sits securely on top, but it doesn’t form a complete seal. It is made of silicone, so it’s soft and flexible. The silicone insert is smaller … Read Review