About VitaClay and their products.

Comparing to other well established brands which manufacture food steamers, rice & slow cookers along their wide range of kitchen appliances, housewares and household items, VitaClay is a new brand which should have something new to offer to attract buyers.
VitaClay is concentrated on production of steamers, slow and rice cookers and yogurt makers. Company like all other brands integrates a few cooking functions in one appliance.

But they knew for their new business it was not enough. All media and online resources are promoting healthy living.
Even if you look at any magazine with cooking recipes in your local store shelfs, supermarkets or doctor offices you will see that the first page always screams about healthy non fat recipe from famous chef, healthy cooking way with limited oil usage, no bake recipe, no frying.

The healthy living way became very popular subject not only to talk about it. In these days more and more people are focusing on a healthy cooking and eating.

VitaClay combines organic clay pot with digital multi cooker.

VitaClay realized that using natural clay in their cookware could be a super idea. There a few kinds of clay, but only couple of them are suitable and used for pottery manufacture, all others are used in heavy industries.

Clay is known with it’s heat resistant feature and has been used in pottery production since old times.

Combination of clay pot and computerized digital control system was an awesome idea and great way to offer people healthy cooking and eating way.

Integrating technology and nature in their products added bunch of good features and a few good ways to promote them. Their multi cookers also has yogurt maker option. Clay pot is also cute looking item on the table and reminds about village style life.

The downside of clay pot.

The down side of using clay pot is that you have to be very careful while using it and washing it as it may crack if it’s not handled with care. It’s recommended to wash it by hand.

But if your clay pot cracked you will not be able to use it until you order other one suitable for your rice N’ slow cooker model and wait. The VitaClay customer service may make you wait for your replacement pot for long time.

Replacement clay pot price:  $30-$35 + $14 shipping + tax.

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