T-fal produces a number of food steamers, slow and rice cookers. Steamers come with 1-year limited warranty.Rice cooker/steamer comes with additional accessories which include: steamer basket, spoon and measuring cup.

Steamers are made from plastic and stainless steel. Both rice cooker’s pot and tiered steamer upper part are removable for easy clean-up and dishwasher safe.T-fal tiered steamer is compact for easy storage.

About T-fal

TEFAL brand is also known as a world’s first non stick cookware manufacturer which was founded in France and owned by French GROUP SEB. Kitchen appliances and home goods from this brand are very popular and can be found in houses all over the world. Company products are sold in over 120 countries.

Tefal and T-fal is the same brand and products are manufactured by one company. For the whole world they introduce themself as TEFAL and for America  T-fal for some reasons. But it’s not important because only the name changed a little bit but the quality is the same.

Best T-fal Food Steamers & Rice Cookers

t-fal stainless steel steamer

T-fal balanced living 3-in-1 20 cup rice cooker and slow cooker is made of stainless steel and plastic. T-fal balanced living 3-in-1 20 cup rice cooker features T-fal balanced living 3-in-1 20 cup rice cooker holds 10 cups of dry uncooked rice, yielding 20 cups … Read Review

t-fal food steamer

T-fal 2-tier electric food steamer small balanced living compact 4-quart vc133851 has digital controls with 60-minute timer which is very easy to program and use. Steamer is dishwasher safe except for the base. This steamer is suitable for small family … Read Review

T-fal steamer rice cooker

  T-fal cool touch 20 cup rice cooker, steamer is a basic rice cooker with one touch operation. T-fal cool touch 20 cup rice cooker, steamer features Holds 10 cups of dry rice yields 20 cups of cooked rice. One … Read Review

T-fal food steamers & rice cookers 1-year limited warranty.

Like most other T-fal products food steamers & rice cookers come with 1 year limited warranty.

FOR REFUND: As this is an affiliate website which will take you to the world’s trusted largest merchant Amazon.com if you decide to make a purchase and click through any of the links on this site at no additional cost to you. If you want to get refund you can contact Amazon.com directly. Their customer service is one of the best.

FOR WARRANTY SERVICES: if you want to obtain warranty services don’t return the item to the merchant or retailer from which it was purchased.

You will need to present receipt as a proof of purchase for warranty services.

If you found that your product has defects or stopped working contact T-fal customer service at this number (1-800-395-8325 M-Th 8:30am – 5pm & Fr 8:30am – 4pm EST) with any questions, but have product manufacturer number ready ,as you will be asked for that. If you are told that you need to send your product or parts for repair or replacement you will be given authorization number.

T-fal company warrants that the steamer or any other T-fal product you buy is defect free for a period of one year starting from the date of purchase. If any defect found T-fal will repair or replace the product. Keep receipt as a purchase proof required to obtain warranty services.

Note: If the product returned without receipt T-fal will consider manufacturing production week and year as a date of purchase to see if the item qualify for warranty coverage.

Carefully wrap your defected product or defected parts for postage-paid shipping and include your name, address, phone number and additional phone number (optional), receipt, detailed description of the problem and authorization number.

This warranty is limited to replacement or repair if item was damaged because of bad care by you or shipping packaging by carrier.

Defected product will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you including return shipping.

All other repairs and replacement which are not covered by warranty will be made at current cost for labor, parts and return shipping.