Best Baby Food Steamers & Blenders

These baby food steamers with blender function are all in one BPA FREE baby food makers that are safe and suitable to steam and blend foods for babies and toddlers. They make nutritious homemade baby food with minimal effort. They are also called “baby puree makers”.

About BPA in plastic food steamers

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical produced to manufacture epoxy resins and harden plastics. Plastics that contain BPA are clear and are unfortunately used to manufacture food steamer parts that contact the food, water bottles, food containers and other products that contact the food. These products are approved as safe at very low BPA levels by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There are great detailed articles available to read about BPA, research, studies, negative health effects of BPA and neurological effects on

Baby food steamers and blenders make a variety of purees with different textures

Baby food steamers and blenders are designed to prepare many servings and freeze them. The steamer function allows you to steam cook meats, fruits and vegetables without losing nutrients. The blender function allows you to blend steamed foods until desired softness and thickness are reached. For preparing toddler’s food blend less time for more texture. 

We included Cuisinart baby food steamer and blender that features additional bottle warmer function. You can start using it from your baby’s first day of life to warm bottles of milk or water. When your baby is ready to eat you can use the steam and chop functions to prepare food for baby or toddler.


Note: Beaba Babycook baby food steamers and blenders are BPA, Lead and Phthalate free. 

Below is the list of the best baby food steamers and blendersOur choice was based on quality, capacity, functionality, integrated features and material.

          Best Baby Food Steamers and Blenders

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer – All in One BPA FREE Steamer Blender Warmer

Cuisinart BFM 1000 baby food maker and bottle warmer for babies toddlers

  Cuisinart BFM-1000 baby food maker and bottle warmer is all in one BPA FREE food steamer, blender and milk bottle warmer with 4-cup capacity bowl. You can start using the Cuisinart baby food maker from your baby’s first day of life to warm bottles of milk or water. When your baby is ready to eat foods you can steam and puree, fresh fruits, vegetables or meats. For a toddler steam and chop foods less time for more texture. Cuisinart baby food maker features specific design  Cuisinart baby food maker comes with an adapter ring that prevents the bottle from moving and shaking. You will need it … Read Review

Beaba Babycook Pro 2X Baby Food Maker Steamer Blender Warmer – Baby Puree Maker

Beaba Babycook Pro 2X food maker steamer blender warmer featured image

Beaba Babycook Pro 2X baby food maker with 2 separate compartments is a large BPA, Lead and Phthalate Free plastic steamer and blender with stainless steel water reservoir and 9.4 cup capacity for babies and toddlers that steams vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken and blends them into puree in 15 minutes.  Beaba Babycook Pro 2X is twice as big as Beaba Babycook Pro. Beaba Babycook Pro 2X baby food maker features Beaba Babycook Pro 2X with 2 compartments steams, blends, defrosts and reheats 2 different meals simultaneously.  It allows you to prepare many servings of nutritious baby food with minimal effort and freeze them. It steams on both sides at once, but … Read Review

Beaba Babycook Classic Baby Food Maker – Handy Baby Food Steamer & Blender BPA FREE

Beaba Babycook Classic Food Maker Steamer Blender prepares any stage of puree food for babies and toddlers

Beaba Babycook Classic food maker for babies and toddlers is a handy all in one steamer and blender for moms that steams and blends any stage of baby food from vegetables, fruits and chicken in 15 minutes. It also defrosts and reheats baby food. Beaba Babycook Classic food maker features Beaba Babycook Classic food maker prepares freshly cooked nutritious purees for babies and toddlers. The amount of water and blending time determine the softness of the food. When baby starts eating purees, you can prepare a few servings at a time and freeze them. For soft baby purees push the button and hold until desired softness … Read Review

BEABA Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker – Steamer & Blender Puree Maker BPA FREE

BEABA Babycook Pro food maker steamer blender puree maker bpa free

  BEABA Babycook Pro baby food maker is a steamer and blender that prepares any stage of baby or toddler food from purees to solid foods in 15 minutes and makes baby food preparation easy even for first time moms. It steams and blends fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish.  BEABA Babycook Pro baby food maker features BEABA Babycook Pro baby food maker with 4.6 cup/1100ml capacity can steam and blend many servings of nutritious puree for babies and toddlers. It reheats the frozen baby food as well. It automatically shuts off when the cooking cycle is completed with audible alert. BEABA Babycook Pro baby food maker has … Read Review