Secura Pressure Cooker Silicon Gasket 9″ for 6-quart EPC-S600

Secura pressure cooker gasket 9 inch for EPC-S600

This pressure cooker gasket fits Secura 6-quart pressure cooker EPC-S600. Material: silicon Diameter size: 9″ Pressure cooker gasket function. Gasket is a necessary detail which provides complete sealing between lid and cooker pot. This is a must have part for a pressure … Read Review

Secura Food Steamer Ceramic Heater Cap

secura food steamer ceramic heater cap

Secura food steamer ceramic heater cap. Secura manufactures replacement parts for each their food steamer models. Secura food steamer ceramic heater cap is suitable for both Secura 3-tier 6 quart and 9 quart capacity steamer models S-324 and S-326. Heater cup made … Read Review