Lekue is well known and trusted company. Lekue manufactures good quality silicone products. We reviewed silicone microwave steamers and pot and created a list of the best Lekue microwave and oven safe silicone steamers.

         Lekue Microwave and Oven Safe Silicone Steamers

Lekue Ogya microwave deep silicone pot featured image

Lekue Ogya microwave, X-large steamer pot is a silicone deep steam case designed to steam-cook pasta, rice, vegetables, soup, stew and whole chicken. It gets soft during heating. Small handles on the sides of the pot allow you to remove the pot … Read Review

Lekue silicone microwave and oven steamer

Lekue steamer/steam case is made of silicone to steam 1-2 servings of food in the microwave or oven. It steams veggies, chicken, fish, shrimp in minutes. There are green and clear steamers available. Lekue microwave steamer-steam case features Made of silicone. Steams 1-2 servings … Read Review